Farmers market and overpriced salsa

Time to get into the zone of writing another blog post. Okay, it's only my second blog post but it's still not easy to find the headspace for writing while staying at home with 2 small children who have slightly unpredictable nap schedules! Speaking of nap schedules, today we decided to skip them all together and head over to our local Farmers Market (I rarely mess with 'the schedule'!) I wanted to introduce Niko and Emma to some different food and besides, it's so good to get out of the house.  I've always had a soft spot for the Farmers Market, but I think my reasons for going have since evolved. I use to enjoy visiting the Farmers Market to pick up a few of my favourite goodies and then of course, try and sample everything that came in sight. I now have a totally different appreciation for vendors. 

Imagine this...we've all been there. Walk into a busy market, people everywhere and samples being offered at every stand. Sure, sneak in a sample next to that big group of people. Nobody is looking. If you do it quick enough then you might not even have to make eye contact with the shop owner. Besides, who would pay $8 for a small jar of salsa? That's way overpriced! Okay, head on over to that marshmallow stand...again, nobody watching. Poor shop owner, put so some much time and effort into making the perfect marshmallow but seriously $7 for a pack of 6 marshmallows?! Are they crazy? I will sample one anyway and slowly walk away backwards. I can't speak for everyone but I am certainly guilty of being that person...that sample and run person. 

I will never walk into a Farmers Market the same way again. So much work and love go into making that little jar of salsa or that small batch of marshmallows. Everything you see at that vendor's stand took a lot of time, love and money to put together. Being a small business owner is hard. You put your heart and soul into something that you hope someone will appreciate and buy, or at least acknowledge it exists.  But the truth is, few people will actually understand the amount of effort that went into it. So next time you are at a market or a fair where there are hand made or homemade goods, try not to judge the product on the price, but rather the love and dedication and vulnerability that went into making that product. At least that is what I'll try to do next time I go out. Putting a product or idea out there and allowing it to be judged takes a lot of courage and I think I understand it a little more because I am putting my time and courage into Baby Leaf Covers. It's not easy venturing into small business ownership. It's not easy wearing a million different hats that you aren't sure if they even fit you. 

Quite a few people have asked me who built my website and how did I come up with the idea to make a cover for baby. I don't usually go into a lot of details about my journey but I will start by saying, none of it has been easy! I designed Baby Leaf Covers simply because I had a need for it after my second child was born (read my story here). I started sewing when Emma was 1 month old. Recently having given birth to her, I was exhausted, hormonal and unstoppable. Who cares if I put in a few more sleep deprived hours? I was already not sleeping so I might as well be working on one of my crazy ideas.   The website however, was an area of uncertainty for a long time because I am NOT technically savvy. I didn't even know what Instagram was before I started this business (no joke, ask my friend Katerina...she gave me all her Instagram tips) I built my website using Shopify and believe me, I called them A LOT. After my babies were asleep, I would sit down next to my charging phone and call my Shopify people. Seriously, if I logged the amount of time I spent with them over the phone troubleshooting and figuring out how to add a page to my website, I would say it was almost as much time I spent getting to know my husband when we were dating (okay maybe that's a stretch). But seriously, my poor husband, I almost forgot I had one (just kidding). It was a moment on my journey that was tiring and also rewarding. Someone once told me to just pay to get a website done, that it would be way too much work to build one and that's when a crazy thought came to my head! Okay, why don't I just build one?

Life gives us challenges everyday, no matter who we are. We don't understand challenges unless we experience triumph. Life gives us worry no matter who we are. We  don't know what worry is unless we experience certainty. Life gives us joy but we don't know joy unless we know sadness...the list goes on. There have been lots of ups and downs so far on this journey and I am so excited to ride it out no matter what may come my way!  





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