Top Baby Items and Best Baby Travel Gear 2018

Top Baby Items and Best Baby Travel Gear

We are planning a trip down South with our family and we wanted to share some of our top baby gear for travelling with a family. When we visited Portugal with our first child nearly 3 years ago, we learned that many baby essentials  were readily available in most local grocery stores, like organic baby food and sunscreen. The thing was, we weren't familiar with the Portuguese language, so we were very grateful that we packed some of our own top baby gear. Read on to see what top baby items we couldn't live without and which ones we wish we had.

  • We would never leave home without our favourite sunscreen by Think Baby, which uses natural minerals instead of chemicals, making it safe for baby's delicate skin. It smooths on easily and also makes the perfect facial sunscreen under make-up so you only need to pack one sunscreen instead of three!
  • One of our favourite travel snacks are by Baby Gourmet. They conveniently pack organic goodness into easy to use pouches with no added sugars. I have to admit, I love these baby pouches and I've definitely had them as a quick on the go snack for myself (shhh). Little ziplock baggies filled with pretzels raisins and a few mini chocolate chips are always special treats on the plane too.
  • When we had our son, we loved the Nano Mountain Buggy because it could fold up and fit into the overhead bin of the airplane. It was a super small and lightweight travel stroller which made it easy to bring along to Europe. The craziest thing though is that this stroller has gone up in price. When we bought it around 3 years ago, we paid $200 and now it is way more expensive so I think searching on used baby gear Canada is a great place to start.

                      Top Baby Items Nano Stroller

                      Top Baby Travel Gear

    • Baby wearing is something that both of our kids have enjoyed and travelling to Europe was so much easier with our Ergo Baby Carrier. Our son Niko loved being in there and he would often fall asleep on long walks. It was special for both of us to take turns carrying him and I cannot imagine living without this top baby item. Summer was way too warm for using a jacket extender or baby wearing jacket so sometimes I struggled with ways to keep his skin protected from the sun. I would tuck in a muslin cloth into the sides of the carrier so his skin wouldn't get too much sun exposure but the blanket would always fall off. Now, whenever we baby wear with our daughter, we just throw on a Baby Leaf Cover and that does the trick.

                      Top Daddy Gear Baby Wearing

                                Baby Wearing Top Baby Gear

      • Since we were travelling with a baby to a warm destination and we spent a lot of time on the beach, it was important that we had some shelter from the sun. One of our top baby items for travelling that we couldn't live without was a nylon tent that folded up into the size of a small plate. We took this with us everywhere we went and it was the perfect shelter for our baby when he needed a quick diaper change or feeding, or even just some shade from the sun. We would even set it up in the hotel and our little guy would love to hang out in there with a few toys because it was a different 'space' to play in. I'm pretty sure you can spend a lot of money on these but we found ours at a little shop in Portugal for $5 and we made sure this item came home with us back to Canada. We still have this tent and we absolutely love playing with it. We've added more to our collection from IKEA. They have foldable tents and tunnels that are super affordable and foldup into nothing, making them easy to store and a fun activity for any indoor or outdoor play day. 

                        Top Travel Baby Gear

      • We all know how much babies love to move around! Our son was a very active baby and he loved his Jolly Jumper. We would hook it onto the frame of almost any  door and he would just jump around in there. It was a great way to tire him out for his next nap and we didn't have to worry about having him crawl all over the floor. Besides, it was such an easy thing to pack along since it folds down flat. 
      Top Baby Gear Jolly Jumper

        So what is the top baby item I wish I had while on our first trip with baby? A decent breastfeeding cover, of course. The breastfeeding cover I used only covered me from the front and it was actually more like an apron with colourful flowers on it. The only purpose it had was to be used as a breastfeeding cover so it always seemed like just another thing to pack. When our daughter Emma was born, I designed Baby Leaf Covers to make my life as a mom of two easier. Breastfeeding is natural and every mother should feel comfortable to breastfeed their baby anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether they prefer using a cover or not. Personally, I felt more comfortable using a breastfeeding cover on my travels and wish I had come up with this idea earlier. 

        What is your top baby gear travel items that you can't live without? Tell us your mommy must haves because now that we are planning a trip with two small children, we definitely want to be prepared! Now, to bring along the nylon tent or not?

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