What is Sustainability?

Today is Earth Day and we thought an appropriate topic for a blog post would be about sustainability. There are so many initiatives out there today, encouraging people and trying to bring awareness to living a more sustainable life but what does it really mean?

One of the terms many of us have heard is the term 'capsule closet'. It sounds like a nice idea but only if you really follow through. Otherwise, it's just throwing away a whole bunch of clothes that were purchased not too long ago and replacing them with a bunch of new ones, but just simpler ones. The reality is though, a capsule closet isn't going to solve our wardrobe problems or the environment. We have to live, eat and breatheq the term 'capsule closet' in everything we do. The core root of capsule closet, (other than having a super nice organized closet according to many fashion magazines) is decluttering your life, living a life of simplicity and owning less stuff.

Did you know that some of the brightest and most famous people wear the same outfit nearly everyday?  Imagine how much simpler our lives would be if we didn't have to coordinate our pants and shirts on a daily basis!

Having a baby is like constantly having to coordinate a million different things. Baby Leaf Covers was designed with that in mind. That's why our product can be used in 6 different ways, simplifying motherhood. Our fabric is made of organic cotton and bamboo blends, so it's good for your baby and for the environment. We are proud to say that we have zero waste production. This means nearly all the fabric that comes off the role gets used when we make our covers. 

Packing less stuff in our diaper bags and owning products that are more versatile and classic means there is less time to worry about how to coordinate things, what to pack and what to leave behind, and whether or not we have everything we need to get out of the house with a small baby! This Earth Day and everyday, our goal is to find more ways to simplify our lives and have a more sustainable approach in our daily lives, whether it be in our own capsule closets, in our kitchen, in our free time or in our diaper bags!




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