Learn about this unique baby product

Q. What makes your product different than other car seat or nursing covers out there?

A. Baby Leaf Covers is unique because of the zipper. You can use our product in 6 different ways and the zipper allows you to create an adjustable window for your baby when used as an infant car seat cover. When used as a breastfeeding cover, the zipper allows you to adjust the cover to your comfort.

 Q. What do you mean when you say your product is 'Zero Waste'?

A:  Zero Waste refers to manufacturing having little or no textile waste during production. We use fabric that comes off the roll, fold it in half and only make a small cut for the neck opening. Only a little bit of fabric gets cut off from the end. We have very little waste.

Q: How do I wash my Baby Leaf Cover?

A: We recommend washing in cold water on gentle cycle and laying flat to dry or using a low setting on your dryer. 

Q: Do the zippers get hot in the sun?

A: No, our zippers do not get hot in the sun. We only use nylon coil zippers so they are safe for baby, even the gold ones. Although the gold zippers look like metal, they are actually made of nylon coil so they will not get hot in the sun. They are the same quality zippers you would find on babies sleep sacks or newborn pyjamas.

Q: How do I get information on new covers and promotions?

A: Join our mailing list and follow us on social media. Feel free to tag yourself in a picture while using Baby Leaf Covers. We love seeing your pictures!

 Q. What are all the uses for Baby Leaf Covers?

A. Infant car seat cover or stroller canopy, baby carrier cover, nursing cover for breastfeeding on the go, swing cover, shopping cart cover to protect busy hands from gems, maternity poncho and modern scarf.

  • Use as a fitted infant car seat cover simply by making a loose knot at both ends of the fabric. The zipper allows you to create a perfect window for your baby.
  • Wear it over your baby carrier and unzip the front to accommodate for your baby. Your little one stays covered and cozy while protecting their delicate skin from the sun.
  • Use it as a full coverage nursing cover with the zipper at the back. Have one arm out and unzip it to fit you perfectly. The cover will never slide off, so you can nurse comfortably. 
  • Use it as a swing or shopping cart cover. Make a loose knot at both ends and protect busy hands from germs. 
  • Wear it as a modern poncho with the zipper at the front, side or the back.
  • Wear it as a fashionable scarf. Simply roll the fabric into itself. You can wear it as a folded handkerchief scarf or roll it all the way up for an infinity look.